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    For All Your Financial Solutions under One Roof

    CPR Financial Providers are conveniently situated in
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    At CPR Financial Providers we specialize in :

    • Personal Loans of up to R 80 000-00

    • Administration Removal

    • Debt Mediation / Debt Clearing

    • Debt Consolidations

    • Debt Review

    • Legal

    • Cellphone Contracts

    No more Worries, Stress, Sleepless Nights, struggling to pay your debt. Solve all your DEBT and Cash flow Problems by paying only one reduced instalment. You will have more money to spend every month. This is the first step to your new financial future.


    Loan and Debt Solutions

    Debt Review

    1. Formal Distribution.

    2. Instalments are calculated taking into account Affordiblity. An amount in excess of 25 % of the current instalment accepted

    3. Payment Distribution done by nationally appointed NPDA ( National Payment Distribution Agency). Distribution are done normally in the second or third month.

    4. You are flagged by the Credit Bureau. You will not be able to enter into any new credit contract.

    5. All Debts will be covered under the Debt review Program.

    6. You have to apply to your debt counsellor to have you reinstated.

    Debt Consolidation

    1. Instalments for consolidation loans are normally lower than the total sum of monthly payments of all debts.

    2. All debts are settled by the bank.

    3. An additional Cash Amount is paid to the client, based on his affordability.

    4. Monthly, Bi- annual and yearly bonuses are paid so as to incentivize the client.

    5. Job Security is conditional. Must be employed either for the government or a large listed company.

    6. You are still Credit Worthy.

    7. Requirements : Payslip, Bank Statement and Settlement amounts of all Debtors.

    Personal Loans

    1. R 1 000-00 - R 100 000-00

    2. Summonses , garnishes and black listing welcome

    3. Good and Bad Credit Welcome

    4. SMS Name, Surname, ID no, Gross and Nett Income, Company Name, Contact no, and start date

    5. Requirements : Latest Payslips , 3 Month bank Statement, ID Copy, Proof of residence

    6. Contract workers Welcome , Please provide us with a letter stating you are on an ongoing contract.

    What is Debt Mediation?

    Debt Mediation is a process to help cash strapped consumers that are experiencing a short term cash flow situation , that lasts only for a few months  .Affordable arrangements to the consumer and acceptable to the credit provider is negotiated on behalf of the consumer.

    What is Debt Consolidation?

    Debt Consolidation is a process to help restructure the debt of over indebted consumers who can't afford to pay their debts. An affordable repayment plan that is acceptable to the credit provider is developed by the Debt councilor and it is made an order of the Court.

    What is Debt Administration?

    Debt Administration is the restructuring of consumers debt of those consumers who cannot repay their debts and have judgements against their names and do not qualify for Debt Counselling. An affordable repayment plan is developed and made an order of the Court.

    What is Sequestration ?

    Sequestration is when a consumer is so indebted that no reasonable proposal to the creditors are acceptable . Sequestration is a High Court application and a Trustee is appointed to oversee that the consumers assets are sold so that the proceeds are distributed to the creditors.

    When are you over indebted ?

    Over indebtedness is when a consumer is unable to repay debt in a timely manner and or where your total debt repayment exceed your net income or take home pay after the consumers living expenses has been paid for.

    What are the Signs that you are over indebted ?

    • You start to borrow money to pay debt

    • You start to skip payments on some debts to pay other debts

    • The bank has rejected your debit order in the last 3 months because of insufficient funds in your account.

    • You cannot pay all your debts at the end of the month

    • You start receiving sms and calls to remind you of over due payments

    • You start to consider debt consolidation

    • You receive summonses and letters of attorneys and or your creditors

    • You owe creditors more than you own

    • There are judgements granted against you

    • You stay absent from work because of debt stress

    • You spend more than your income

    What do you NEED?

    • You Must be at Least 6 Months Permanently Employed

    • You Must have your Own Bank Account which your Salary are paid into

    • A Copy of your ID (Identity Document)

    • Latest Pay Slip

    • 3 Months Bank Statement

    • Proof of address not older than 3 Months




  • OFFICE        : 021 391 3395

  • FAX              : 086 671 1147



    Anyone on a Long term or ongoing Contract more than 6 Months Employed Welcome

    Don't Delay We Can Solve Your Cash Problems Today

    Office Hours : 

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    •  Friday                                8 h 30 to 4 h 00
    •  Saturday                            8 h 30 to 1 h 30

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